Turn data into actionable business intelligence with deeper insights giving confidence to quick decisions.

76% 的首席执行官表示,他们将投资于自动化和近 40% of CEOs don’t believe their organizations will be economically viable in 10 years if they do not transform. (普华永道2023年度全球CEO调查)

LBMC’s 数据分析 team of seasoned data professionals delivers cutting-edge solutions using modern data technology, 健壮的治理框架, 以及简化的自动化流程. 在多个行业都有成功的记录, 我们帮助您充分利用数据的潜力来推动增长, 效率, 和创新.



Data can help drive business growth by providing valuable insights that inform key business decisions. 通过分析数据,识别模式和趋势, businesses can gain insights that enable them to make informed decisions about their operations, 产品, 和服务.


Data analytics can help improve decision-making by providing businesses with the insights they need to make informed decisions about their operations, 客户, 以及市场趋势. 利用数据分析的力量, 企业可以做出更准确、更明智的决策, 提高效率, 提高盈利能力, 以及长期的成功.


Data analytics can help businesses optimize their operations by identifying areas where they can improve processes, 优化资源, 降低成本, 从而降低成本, 提高了生产率, 提高客户满意度.​


A 数据策略 is a comprehensive plan to leverage data as a strategic asset and drive business growth and optimization.​


  1. 业务目标: Define the business goals of data initiatives and prioritize data initiatives based on their value and impact for the business​
  2. 数据技术: Identify the data technology and infrastructure required to achieve the business goals of each data initiative​
  3. 操作模式: 建立运营模型来定义、设计和构建数据产品
  4. 数据治理: Implement governance on data ownership, data discoverability, and data quality
  5. 路线图: 概述数据旅程,包括里程碑和目标

整体, the 数据策略 should align to the business strategy so that data supports and accelerates the business goals.​



  • 人: roles and responsibilities; skills and expertise; data literacy and culture; and talent / recruiting strategy
  • 过程: 创新; prioritization and funding; transformation; governance; and knowledge management
  • 技术: architecture and tech strategy; operations and maintenance; security, 可靠性, 和连续性, access management; and sandboxing and experimentation


  • 战略实施的具体方式: profitability analysis; data-driven marketing; management reporting; and customer engagement


  • 策略
  • 愿景
  • 任务



综合评估以下内容: data inventory; data quality; analytics and reporting; governance and security; IT infrastructure; and business processes


确定潜在的改进: data awareness and literacy; business optimization; data-driven decision making; and data governance


明确定义一个计划,包括: goals and objectives; phased approach; timeline; data analytics capabilities; and data infrastructure blueprint


数据可视化 is the process of presenting data in a visual format that is easy to understand and interpret. It is an essential tool for businesses to make better decisions and gain a competitive edge.​

  • 传达复杂的信息: Visualizations help stakeholders understand data and make better decisions.​
  • 识别模式和趋势: 通过可视化可以更容易地发现趋势和识别异常值.​
  • 支持协作: 可视化可以被利益相关者共享和讨论.​
  • 提高效率: 通过使用可视化, businesses can quickly identify areas where they can 提高效率 and optimize their operations.​
  • 保持竞争力: Data-driven businesses can stay competitive by identifying insights and opportunities with visualizations.​

​数据可视化 is a crucial tool for businesses to make better decisions, 提高效率, 保持竞争力. 使用正确的数据可视化策略, 企业可以释放其数据的全部潜力来推动增长, 创新, 和成功.​



问题: 明升体育app下载客户 had data stored in different on-premise systems that were not reconciled with each other. This made it difficult to get a unified view of their data and generate meaningful reports. 结果是, 客户缺乏对关键指标的可见性, 这使得数据驱动的决策具有挑战性.​

解决方案: 为了解决这个问题, 我们首先将客户端的数据迁移到Azure云, which allowed us to reconcile the data and create a unified view of the client’s data. 具有统一的数据视图, 然后,我们使用Power BI构建了自定义的应收账款报表, which provided the client with real-time insights into key metrics such as customer balances, 杰出的发票, 和更多的.​

该解决方案允许客户监控其财务绩效, 识别潜在问题, 并做出数据驱动的决策. 有可靠的报告和清晰的数据视图, 客户能够优化他们的操作, 改善他们的财务表现, 推动增长.



问题: 明升体育app下载客户, 一家大型制造公司, 依靠Excel来管理他们的产品和销售数据. 然而, the limitations of Excel made it difficult for the client to gain insights and visibility into their data, 阻碍他们做出明智商业决策的能力.​

解决方案: 为了解决这个问题, we developed a custom dashboard suite using Power BI. This allowed the client to easily visualize and analyze their data in real-time, 赋予他们洞察力,让他们做出更好的决定. ​

明升体育app下载工作还启动了客户的数据战略之旅, which continues to this day as we help them extract even more value from their data.



问题: Manufacturing company visualizes product sales percent changes for one of their retailer’s. ​

解决方案: 我们使用Power BI开发了一个定制的仪表板套件, which allowed the company to easily identify regions and stores with high sales percent changes. The sales team was able to leverage this information to increase sales by showing the retailer the high demand for the product.​

The custom dashboard suite provided insights and improved visibility into sales metrics, enabling the company to make data-driven decisions and optimize their sales strategy.


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